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neljapäeviti alates 27. september 
kolmapäeviti alates 26. september 

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Choose the right direction as Revalia Danceschool is/has:


1. the oldest – roots are reaching to the year 1957
the biggest – Revalia DS has the biggest number of licensed competitive dancers in Estonia
3. the most conservative – in Revalia DS free raising is “out” and classical upbringing methods are “in”
4. matter-of-fact – competitive dancing is glamorous and relatively vain sportsfield. Vanity should be left for the competition floor, our lessons and trainings are serious and practical

5. initiator – Revalia DS was the first one to start inviting foreign teachers to our school, the first one to start ordering “Dance News”, the first international

dance couple (Saulius Skambinas-Lithuania and Olga Kosmina-Estonia) came from Revalia DS. We were the first ones in Estonia to hold such a prestigious events like 1999 European Professional Standard-dance Championships and in 2004 the Ten Dance World Championships for Youth. In November 2005 we organized the Ten Dance World Championships for Professionals. In 2010 we organized the Northern European Championships with couples from eight different countries

6. the biggest number of teachers  - 9 professional and 9 amateur teachers

7. teachers with the highest qualifications – 4 dance teachers from Revalia DS have achieved the Licentiate Degree of the Ballroom Branch and 4 dance teachers from Revalia DS have achieved the Licentiate Degree of the Latin-American dances and also become members of the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA).

8. best conditions for practice – one of our ballrooms is 256 m2 and the other 156 m2 with renovated parquet floors, we have separate changing rooms and showers

9. best results – from Junior Blackpool we have got 3 winners; we are also leading the unofficial scoring of Estonian Championships 2002-2008

10. established values – e.g. other schools/clubs are not bad but we try to be the best; if we are not satisfied with something then we should either change it or accept it

11. travelled the most – Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belorussia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, France, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Moldova, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China


Merle Klandorf
Revalia DS director