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Järgmised seltskonnatantsu ALGkursused täiskasvanutele ja keskkooliõpilastele
PIRITAL - neljapäeviti alates
9. novembrist 2017
MURASTES - teisipäeviti alates
31. oktoobrist 2017
VANAMÕISAS - kolmapäeviti alates
17. jaanuarist 2018

Järgmised seltskonnatantsu JÄTKUkursused täiskasvanutele ja keskkooliõpilastele
PIRITAL - neljapäeviti alates
9. novembrist 2017
MURASTES - teisipäeviti alates
9. jaanuarist 2018
VANAMÕISAS - kolmapäeviti alates
8. novembrist 2017

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MURASTES - teisipäeviti
VANAMÕISAS - kolmapäeviti

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In Revalia DS we teach social dancing,wedding dances, ballroom dance/dancesport and we prepare small children for entering to the danceworld.

We teach social dance according to the World Social Dance Program at the same time putting emphasis to the dances that are more well known in Estonia. Social dance courses are for: grown-ups, students and high school pupils. We arrange courses in different institutions, schools and kindergardens. It is also possible to have private lessons in one dance- e.g. wedding Waltz.

Dancesport competitors are practicing in 4 different groups according to their level:

Beginners 4-6 years, beginners 7-10 years, 6 dance+E, D-S class.

In the season 2004/2005 for the first time Revalia DS started with lessons for tiny tots. We hope that they will become our next generation of dance champions. Of course this is not a condition but it might become a pleasant result after 3 years of work and play.



We organise dance competitions: Estonian Dance Sport Association (ETSL) has trusted the right to organize four of the nine Estonian Ranking Competitions to Revalia DS.


We also organize trips to competitions: during many years we have visited different European countries as well as USA and Asia.


Our danceteacher Helen Klandorf-Sadam is a dealer of SUPADANCE dance shoes in Estonia since 1998.


Revalia DS takes care of its teachers’s schooling in co-operation with Estonian Association of Teachers of Dancing (EATD).