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In the year 2012 Revalia DS (RDS) celebrated its 33rd anniversary. Actually, we already started to exist in 1957 and now being the oldest post-war dance institution. RDC was also the first dance club in the Soviet Union. At that time we were acting under the roof of club “Tselluloos”. Today it is famous “Sossi” club.


The following danceteachers have worked in RDC: Leo and Helgi Mõttus, Aare Orb, Ilmar Link and Riina Vasar. At these times the most successful dance couple Aare and Piia Orb became 7 times Estonian Champions in Standard- and Latin-American dances, they also won Rumba Cup competition 7 times.   

 Aare Orb and Merle Klandorf competing



DC Revalia was reborn in 1979. Teachers were Aare Orb and Merle Klandorf, who also had a successful dance carreer together becoming 5th in an international dance competition in Germany.


During many years well-known dancers and danceteachers have come from RDC: Aare Orb, Avo and Tamara Lossmann, Merle Klandorf, Helen Klandorf-Sadam and Heili Klandorf, Matis Toome, Katrin Kruuse, Ardo Sõstar and Andra Tuuksam, Stiina Sevostjanova, Georg and Elisabeth Kodusaar who have now specialized on bai-latino. Today 9 professional and 9 amateur teachers work in RDS. We invite foreign teachers from Italy, Finland, Norway and England.


Today RDS is the biggest in Estonia with nearly 324 sportsmen and four departments besides headquarters in Tallinn: in Pärnu, Rakvere, Elva and Tartu. Throughout the years our goal has been to teach dancing for all age groups and work with competitive dancers. To do that we have always tried to offer the best possible conditions for people who want to join our school.


Dancers from RDS have taken part in the competitions throughout Europe, also in Asia and America. Farthest destinations have been Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong and China.


In the years 1995-2010 RDS dancers have won over 135 medals from Estonian championships, 50 of which during the past 5 years. In 1998 our Juniors became 7th in the World Championships, in 2006 our youth couple became 6th in Standard-dance World Championship and 5th in 10-dance World Championship, in 2007 another couple became 6th in Latin-American dances World Championship. Three times our dance couples have won the most prestigious Dance Festival in the world– Junior Blackpool.


The very first professional dance couple coming from Estonia, Matis Toome – Helen Klandorf-Sadam, were very successful in the year 1999 when becoming 5th in the European Professional Standard-dance Championships and 9th in the World Championships. Today they are both teachers in RDS.


We have restored the tradition of Rumba Cup competitions and are also organizing international competitions of which the most well known is Tallinn International Open Cup held in November.


In the year 2004 International Dance Sport Federation (IDSF) offered us to hold the World Youth 10-dance championships in co-operation with ESDA. In 2005 we organized European Professional 10-dance Championships. In 2010 we organized the Northern European Championships, with the participation of eight countries.